Zeynep Tekiner is an internationally-inspired painter with roots in New York City. Her figurative paintings and portraits convey a fascination with the fragility, humor, and quiet turbulence of everyday life.

A first-generation Turkish-American, Zeynep Tekiner was born in New York City and spent her early years in Manhattan and Scarsdale, New York. She traveled out of the country for college, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Communication Arts with a Minor in Studio Art and Literature from Franklin University in Lugano Switzerland.

Once she finished her undergraduate, Zeynep traveled to Turkey. She spent years painting in private studios in Anakara and Istanbul, and eventually settled at installation and media artist Neriman Polat’s studio in 2008. She remained in Istanbul for six years, and had her first group show, Spectacle, with two other Istanbul-based artists at the Akatlar Cultural Center in 2014.

Zeynep Tekiner’s time in Turkey heavily influenced her artistic style. After witnessing the the political division and internal strife that ran rampant as factions of Turkey’s population fought to claim a “true” Turkish identity, Zeynep began attempting to capture the turmoil she saw. She eventually adopted a painting style defined by the humor, irony, duality, and quiet turbulence that characterized her experience with the conflict around her.

As an artist intrigued by the everyday human experience, Zeynep Tekiner prefers to paint portraits and figurative pieces and uses her family, friends, and even strangers as inspiration.

Zeynep left Turkey in 2015, and continues to study and produce art as a current student at the New York Academy of Art. She intends to complete her Masters in Fine Art with a concentration in Painting in 2018.

In her spare time, Zeynep Tekiner enjoys exploring art exhibits in the city.